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Bee Bots, and Code-a-pillar, and iPads - Oh My!

As part of our STEAM initiative, check out the kindergarten students below at Lockley Early Learning Center interacting with the Bee Bots and Code-a-pillar during their computer lab time with Mrs. Beth Stanley and Mrs. Trina Sibeto! Bee Bots and Code-a-pillar are easy-to-operate little robots that promote important skills such as sequencing, estimation, experimentation, reasoning, and problem-solving. More +
Novel Engineering
A student working on a project

"My Life As a Gamer"

Once sixth grade students were introduced to the novel My Life As A Gamer, they began the brainstorming process for creating a board game based on the story. More +
A student working on a project

"The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot"

After reading The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot to the students, GW librarian Rosemary Maggie organized her third grade students into groups to begin the brainstorming process for their project. More +
A student's project

"How To Build a House" by Gail Gibbons

In a recent novel engineering activity at Lockely Early Learning Center, librarian Jodi DeSimone read the story How To Build a House to her kindergarten students. The story detailed how to build a house, showing how there are different people involved in the building of a new house. The students were then given four craft sticks and were asked to arrange the craft sticks to look somewhat like a house. More +
Students working together

"The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale" & "The Three Little Javelinas"

Students at Lockely Early Learning Center were introduced to the stories The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale and Three Little Javelinas in the library.  More +
Design & Modeling
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K'NEX STEM Design Challenge

Students from the New Castle Junior High competed in the K'NEX STEM Design Challenge at the Grove City Intermediate Unit. New Castle students collaborated before the competition date to create a "green" amusement park ride. Our seventh and eighth grade teams stayed after school to design their own innovation to what a "green" ride would look like in their minds. Students prepared an engineering design journal along with a small presentation to give to several judges. Before the competition started, the designs had to be broken down into pieces. More +
Robotics Class
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