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Walkthrough Wednesdays
We have exciting news! In an effort to share the innovative ways teachers and students are utilizing technology in the classroom to impact student engagement and achievement, we are excited to announce “Walkthrough Wednesdays.”

"Walkthrough Wednesdays" will now be our sharing days, in which we will highlight the dynamic use of technology throughout the District from week to week. Enjoy!

HWL Welcomes Piano Lab
Say hello to Harry Lockley Early Learning Center's piano lab, equipped with eight keyboards and computers containing the eMedia:My Piano software. The software has the ability to explain information aurally, play the examples for the students, show short videos of instruction on how to perform each exercise and adjust speed to match the students’ level of difficulty, which allows for differentiated instruction amongst all of our students. 
Bee Bots, and Code-a-pillar, and iPads - Oh My!
As part of our STEAM initiative, check out the kindergarten students below at Lockley Early Learning Center interacting with the Bee Bots and Code-a-pillar during their computer lab time with Mrs. Beth Stanley and Mrs. Trina Sibeto! Bee Bots and Code-a-pillar are easy-to-operate little robots that promote important skills such as sequencing, estimation, experimentation, reasoning, and problem-solving. 
Art in Motion
Students in Mrs. Mays’ Art classes created GESTURE DRAWINGS (a quick proportionate reference of a human in 60 seconds) by looking at students modeling certain gestures in class. From these references, the students were able to design their own action to be the blueprint for a sculpture. 
Kahoot in the K-1 Classroom
The students in Mr. Ferry's K-1 Transition Classroom were actively engaged during their first Kahoot! gameday! The interactive game-based learning platform made a fluency review of sight words extremely exciting and memorable. The boys and girls collaborated during team discussions in order to answer trivia questions using iPad2's. The students learned and practiced the process of logging on to the Kahoot! app, naming their team, and keeping score. 
Musical STEAM
Don’t forget the “A” in STEAM includes all performing arts such as Music. Mrs. Marshall's music class at Harry Lockley Early Learning Center recently had 300 recorders donated through  
Earth's Cyclic Processes in 3D
Attention all Jr-Sr high teachers...Who hasn’t taken their students down to the Makerspace yet this year? What are you waiting for? This room is an ideal place to allow students to brainstorm, collaborate, design and create authentic products. Check out some of Mr. Carley’s classes hard at work in the Makerspace.
Fab Lab Art
Mrs. Flora and Mrs. Nogay's Art 2 and Art 3 classes were combined in a Fab Lab Activity using traditional methods combined with 21st century technology.  Throughout the project, students used laser cut pallettes that held the paint, as an episode of Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere, Autumn Fantasy played on a laptop connected to the Smart TV . 
3D Printing Comes to GW
Students at George Washington, with the assistance of Ms. Kim Krueger, took advantage of the new 3D printing capabilities at the school this year. George Washington houses two 3D printers this year, and students and teachers are so excited to take STEAM to the next level.
An "Egg-cellent" Science Project
Seventh grade students in Mr. Laurenza's Science classes are studying the concept of air resistance. Students were assigned the task of creating an vessel and container to safely support an egg when they dropped the vessel from the balcony of the Field House. Take a look..... 
7th Grade English Classes Build Houses in Makerspace

Throughout the month of November, the junior high students of Miss Jessica Wiseman learned various survival skills while reading Hatchet. They learned about the main character Brian, a thirteen year old boy who had to survive in the Canadian wilderness for 54 days with just the clothes on his back and his Hatchet. Brian, a city kid, needed to learn quickly how to survive off of the natural resources all around him.

The students spent a special day in the Makerspace in the Jr.-Sr. High where they worked in groups to construct a shelter similar to the one that Brian built in the wilderness.  Click HERE for pics and more details about this project!
Formative Assessments Using Kahoot!
Check out what some of the 3rd grade students are doing at George Washington Intermediate! Mrs. Lombardo is using a game-based learning platform called Kahoot as a way to formatively assess her students’ level of understanding of mathematical concepts such as subtraction.  Click HERE for more details! 
Novel Engineering @HWL
The students at HWL are working on STEAM projects this year, such as Novel Engineering, that combine areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Students work on these projects in their Lab and Library rotation classes.

For more details about Novel Engineering at HWL, including pics of the students working on their projects, please click HERE.
Paint-the-Plow Project
The Art 2 and Art 3 classes of Mrs. Nogay and Mrs. Flora collaborated in a joint effort to combine traditional methods of painting and computer-aided graphic design to showcase student talent at the highest level. Take a look at Penn DOT's #PaintThePlow project!
With this project students learned vital team working skills to brainstorm and design the plow. Virtually every scholastic discipline was utilized within the process - from precise measuring, to the science of chemistry in which type of paint will hold up to Pennsylvania winters, to the engineering properties of the plow and the methods that would work best to paint on the material.
The Art department's use of the S.T.E.A.M. Program utilizing the Fab Lab to cut vinyl stickers designed by students in the classroom and the process of application brought relevance to jobs in design that can be combined with traditional Fine Arts.

Congratulations on a job well done!
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