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Lockley Random Reader Rewards

There is a wealth of research supporting the benefits of daily reading practice for early learners. As a part of our core reading program, Success For All, students are required to read for 20 minutes at home each night and return a signed reading log to school each day. Practice makes perfect and the more our students practice reading, the more successful they will become.

Random Reader Rewards was developed last year by Mrs. Florie, our SFA Facilitator. The purpose behind this incentive is to “randomly” reward students for being dedicated to their nightly reading practice. SFA teachers check student Read and Respond Logs every morning at the beginning of each SFA class. Students are then given a ticket for each successful night of reading practice. The more students read, the more tickets they acquire and the greater their chances are to be chosen as a “Random Reader”.

Just last week, the first Random Reader Reward day was celebrated. One student from each SFA classroom was chosen and sent to the Lockley Library to receive their reward. Students were given a pirate eye patch and sticker as their prize, which supports our Literacy Theme, “READ LIKE A PIRATE”. However, not all prizes are extrinsic, students are also treated to experiences such as doing Art with staff from The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts and checking out books from the New Castle Public Library’s Bookmobile.

Teachers have noted that students really look forward to the rewards and most importantly, that it has had a positive impact on the return rate of signed SFA reading logs.

By the end of 6th grade, Student A will have read the equivalent of 60 school days. Student B will have only read 12 days. Who will be more successful in school?