Kindergarten Classroom to Pilot MIU IV iPad Program Print

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The boys and girls in Mr. Ferry’s K-1 Class are participating in an iPad pilot program through the Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV. This program is to assess the potential of using iPad 2's to enhance the quality of programming in the classroom. MIU IV is one of 29 Intermediate Units serving schools in Pennsylvania including 27 school districts in Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties.

Throughout the school year, students in Mr. Ferry’s class will use the iPad 2's in Learning Centers to support skills learned in the classroom. There are a number of applications specifically geared to kindergarten and first grade students. Learning Centers will focus on activities intended to increase early literacy and numeracy skills.

Participating students will be interviewed and possibly recorded using the iPad 2's. Student feedback will be used to guide further investigation into the benefits of iPad use in the classroom. It is a wonderful opportunity for the students in the K-1 Transition Classroom to excel using technology to support their learning.

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