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A group of New Castle High School students, along with members of the school district’s staff, were recently on hand to witness President Barrack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, DC.  New Castle High School sent nine student council members accompanied by principal Robert Razzano, and teachers Diane Rankin, Gloria Soubra-Stumpf, and Levy Curry.  The trip included a tour of the monuments in the nation’s capital, a visit to Arlington Cemetery, an interview with Congressman Mike Kelly, and an eyewitness account to President Obama’s inaugural address.  
Several New Castle students commented on their trip.  Senior Corey Niles said, “The inaugural address was undoubtedly my favorite part; the speech was powerful.” Senior Neiko Eggleston added, “The experience was beyond words. I can think of a million, but one word cannot explain it entirely.”  Senior Tara Treloar suggested, “This was a once in a lifetime experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It wasn’t just fun it was also very educational.”  Senior Miranda Mariacher agreed, “This was such an awesome, historical experience. Seeing the Presidential monuments, the museums, and the inauguration made this trip educational and enjoying.”
After an eventful weekend and a historical trip to the nation’s Capitol, assistant principal Robert Razzano simply stated about the trip, “It’s a great day to be an American.”  New Castle High School also took their student council members to the inauguration four years ago when the President was first elected.  Razzano is hoping to make the trip regular occurrence.  
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