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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back from Mr. Litrenta



August 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

The 2021-2022 school year will soon be off and running at a challenging pace.  I look forward to working with parents and community members to enhance educational programs and evening events. The teachers and staff are excited to have our students back in the hallways and classrooms for a never-ending journey of growth, learning, and achievement.  Instruction in the Arts, World Languages, Business, Family Science, Technology Education, and Physical Education will form the opportunities designed to develop thoroughly-prepared students who are able to thrive and succeed in our 21st century world.   A “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) infused mindset will continue to be an area of focus within our high school environment.  The goal of New Castle Sr. High School is to provide each student with a unique set of frameworks that will result in an extremely challenging high school experience. Academic emphasis on the core subjects is a priority, as well as providing an educational program that strives to make our students “College and Career Ready.”

Please take a moment to read about our Sapphire Portal, SR High Webpage, and the attached summary of some of our school policies and procedures for the 2021-2022 school year.  (Complete School Policies can be found on the District Website - www.ncasd.com

As always, I am proud to serve as the principal of New Castle Sr. High School.  I believe our community is one in which parents, teachers, and students can work together to foster positive relationships that will enhance successes for all stakeholders!  Once again, welcome back, AND, let’s make it another year of success and achievement at Ne-Ca-Hi! 



Mr. Litrenta

Richard Litrenta, Principal

Starting the School Year Off At a Glance

  • Devices:  Students will receive a school issued device (chromebook) upon bringing their Technology Agreement Form to school. Students must bring their school issued device daily, fully charged. Students are not permitted to bring personal devices to school for school use at this time.

    • Technology Agreement Form - must complete prior to receiving a device. 

    • (Please click & print. Paper Copies will be available at the school also.)

  • Backpacks:  Students are permitted to bring backpacks - with essential items only. Please do not bring items to school that are not essential for class and do not bring several small bags inside of your bookbag.

  • Masks:  Voluntary but recommended   

  • Water fountains:  The traditional water fountains will be closed.  Water fill-up stations have been placed around the school. Students can bring an empty bottle to fill up during the day or a factory sealed water bottle.

  • Social Distancing:

  • Class Schedule/Homeroom Teacher:  This information is posted in your Sapphire Portal - please check the portal prior to the first day. 

  • SR High Office:  724-656-4700 (option 1 on menu)

Sapphire Parent Portal & SR High Webpage

The best place to get SR High information is your Sapphire Parent Portal & our SR High Webpage. Please become familiar with both of these and check both regularly. If you can not find the information needed on either, you are welcome to contact the SR High office and we will be happy to help.  See below for information to access both the portal and the webpage. 

Setting Up Your Parent Portal on Sapphire

Having a Sapphire Parent Portal is important! If you have previously set up an account, you do not have to set up a new one - please continue to use your existing account. If you have not previously set one up, please follow the instructions below. You are able to receive messages, check student grades, transportation information, and locker information through the Sapphire Portal.  

  1. Go to:   www.ncasd.com

  2. Click on:  Sapphire Community Portal (left side of screen in red box)

  3. Click on:  Community Portal (middle of screen in the green box)  Sapphire Software (ncasd.com)

  4. Click on:  Create a Web Portal Account (it is a sentence under the purple log-in button) Sapphire Software (ncasd.com)

  5. Fill out Application & Submit

What Happens Once I Complete the Application?

The application will be sent to our office and we will approve it. Once the application is approved you will receive an email that you are approved and you may log in (You no longer need your PIN to log in that you used last year).

What if I apply multiple times for an account?

Remember, if you have an account from last year, please do not set up a new one for this year. If you forget your password from last year, you can reset it on the log-in screen. We can not approve multiple accounts for the same person.

What if my SR High student is not visible on my parent portal but once was?

Contact the office, we can assist with this!

Any other Sapphire Questions?

Contact the SR High office, we are here to help!

Locating Our SR High Webpage

Please check out our SR High Webpage! We update it regularly to celebrate our students and update parents/guardians. You will find a transcript of our Sapphire calls, emails, and texts, important upcoming events/dates, information and much more on our webpage.

To Access:

  1. Go to: www.ncasd.com    2.  Click on: SCHOOLS    3. Select: New Castle Senior High

Policies & Procedures at a Glance

Visitors/Picking Up Students

To ensure a safe, secure environment, all parents/guardians/visitors must enter through the Commons Doors, Lincoln Avenue Doors.  The doors will be locked and you will be buzzed in.  Upon arrival, the School Resource Officer or Security personnel will greet you and you will be asked to present your ID.  If you are picking up a student or if  you are visiting for another reason and need to come into the school, you will walk through the metal detector and a security member will check your purse/bag(s).  The School Resource Officer/Security will then sign you in, take your license, & give you a visitor badge.  Please report DIRECTLY TO THE SR HIGH OFFICE.  No visitors/parents/guardians will be permitted to report to a classroom or the cafeteria. Upon leaving, you will sign out and your license will be returned to you.  We ask that parents refrain from trying to enter the building during staff and student morning arrival/security.  

Morning Arrival:  Doors Open 7:30 a.m.  Afternoon Dismissal:  2:29 p.m. 

  • Students will enter through Commons Doors, both Lincoln Ave. & Hurricane Drive

    • Students being dropped off:  Enter Through Commons Doors, Lincoln Avenue Doors

    • Bus Students:  Enter through Commons Doors, Hurricane Drive Doors

  • Students will enter and go through security.  Students will be required to place their belongings on the security tables.  Security will check all belongings on the table.  Students will walk through a metal detector/be wanded.

  • After entering through security, students will be able to get a free Grab-n-Go breakfast and report to lockers/classrooms.

  • Tardy Bell is 7:45 a.m. Students must be in their classroom by the tardy bell. If students arrive after the tardy bell, they will enter using Commons Doors on Lincoln Ave. & they will receive a late pass from the security desk.

  • Students will be dismissed from school through Commons Doors, both Lincoln Ave. & Hurricane Drive

    • Students being picked up: Exit Through Commons Doors, Lincoln Avenue Doors

    • Bus Students:  Exit through Commons Doors, Hurricane Drive Doors

Security Reminders - Some Items to Leave at Home

For safety reasons, scissors must be left at home.  We ask that students leave toys, sports balls, and other distracting items at home.  Weapons PolicyPlease review the weapons policy.  The weapons policy also includes irritant sprays such as mace and pepper sprays, any instrument projecting a laser bean, and any look-a-like or replicas of weapons.

Attendance Policy

Please review the Attendance Policy adopted by the New Castle Board of School Directors.  A parent/doctor excuse must be turned in to the homeroom teacher within 3 days of the student’s return.  All excuses need to be submitted to Mrs. Bernie Reinhard, Attendance Office Secretary.

Bus Riders/Walkers

For safety reasons, students that are assigned a bus, can not change busses without proof of residency. 

Parents/Guardians are solely responsible for their child(ren) at school bus stops, walking to and from bus stops, and walking to and from school.

Teacher Conference

Please avoid classroom disruptions by making an appointment to confer with teachers.  Appointment can be scheduled by contacting the school guidance office.  Parents/Guardians should not go directly to the classroom to speak to teachers.   

Leave of Absence

To maintain the safety of our students, a note requesting a leave of absence should be presented to the Attendance Office.  The parent/guardian/or a person listed on the student’s account must present his/her ID and sign-out the student. To sign-out a student, please enter through the Lincoln Avenue Doors. Security will contact the office upon your arrival and your student will be sent to meet you.  No early dismissals will be granted at or after 2:00 p.m.


Students will be assigned a locker.  Please do not keep valuables (money, electronic devices) in lockers.  All bags and outerwear must be kept in lockers.  Students are not permitted to carry bags throughout the school day.  Students are not permitted to share lockers or give their combination to anyone. 

Medicine Policy / Nurse

Students are not permitted to bring medicine of any kind to school - prescription or nonprescription.  A parent/guardian must bring medicine to the school and register it with the nurse.  Parents must complete the Authorization for Administration of Prescription Medicine form available in the nurses’ office.  Unless a form is filled out and returned, no medicine will be dispensed.  Medicine must be in the original container.  Mrs. Argiro and Mrs. Kielar will be available for students in the Junior/Senior High nurses’ office. If your child needs to be picked up from school after a visit to the nurses’ office, please make all efforts to come directly to the school to pick up your child.  


Cell Phones, Tablets, and other Electronic Devices

Any devices brought to school are the sole responsibility of the student/parent/guardian.  Electronic devices brought to school are to be used for educational purposes only, as determined by the teacher.  Please refer to the district policy. Students are not permitted to use their personal cell phones and devices during the school day for personnel use. There is a phone available in the office if a student needs to contact his/her parent/guardian.

Please Keep Your Information Up-To-Date

At any time your phone number/address changes, please update it in your Sapphire Parent Portal.  Remember, for address changes, you must contact the office and provide proof of residency.  Please keep your child’s emergency contacts up-to-date on your Sapphire Parent Portal.   

Apparel Policy

A frequently asked question over the summer is, “Have there been any changes to the dress code?” It is located on the website and copied below. 


Permitted -

  • Must be black, gray, khaki, red or white in color.

  • Shorts/Skirts must fit properly and be worn no more than three (3) inches above the top of the knee

  • Must be worn at waist and not “sag” below the waist

  • Athletic pants or shorts, either solid in color or stripe that coincides with school colors

  • Cargo shorts/pants

  • Combination in approved colors

  • Logos permitted in any size, must be in approved colors

Prohibited -

  • Form fitted/stretch material bottoms of any kind to include but not limited to yoga pants, jeggings, tights, leggings. Leggings are not to be worn as pants – must be part of an approved length dress, skirt, and/or shirt dress.

  • Blue jeans of any type

  • Pants or shorts with fashionable rips, tears, and/or slices on or in any clothing

  • Cutoffs of any length

  • Size must coincide with students’ height/weight

  • Writing is prohibited across the back/seat of the pants


Permitted - 

  • Must be red, black, white, and/or gray in color

  • Combination of approved colors

  • Logos permitted in any size--must be in approved colors

  • Shirts must be modest and not revealing in nature

  • “Hoodies” may be worn throughout the course of the school day. Hoodies must be in approved colors or approved color combinations. Logos are permitted in approved colors and any size. Hoods are to remain down and off the student's head at all times. Full zipper hoodies are allowed in dress code approved colors

  • Spirit shirts (which include athletic teams, extracurricular activities, booster organizations, etc.) must be of school colors and/or combination of school colors and approved by the Administration and can be worn on any day.

Prohibited -

  • Outerwear/outdoor clothing

  • Tops which expose the shoulder or midriff

  • Sleeveless or spaghetti straps

  • Sheer, lacy, or see-through fabric

  • Tying shirts (front, back, or sides)

  • Colors in layering other than red, black, white, or grey


Prohibited - Flip-flops, Slippers or slipper look-alikes, Shower shoes



Permitted - 

  • Students' choice, however, at discretion of building principal in terms of safety, appropriateness, and not interrupting the learning process.

Prohibited -

  • Gloves of any type, Head coverings of any type, Anything considered unsafe for student, other students, or staff



Permitted - 

  • Leggings, tights, leotards, or nylons must be black, gray, khaki, red and/or white and worn underneath approved bottoms.

  • Socks of any color

Prohibited -

  • Fishnet stockings

  • Torn stockings


  • Jackets/vests that are worn for outside wear are not permitted to be worn during the school day.

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