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General Information
Mrs. Tawnya DeGruttola
School Counselor 3 - 6
George Washngton Intermediate School
Phone:  724-656-4729 
What Does a School Counselor Do? 

A school counselor works closely with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community agencies to ensure that each child at George Washington experiences success at school.

A school counselor is available daily to address the various needs of our students. Sometimes a student needs help navigating through a situation. Other times a student may need more assistance and parents will be contacted. The parents and the school counselor will discuss options such as continued visits with the school counselor or referral to various behavioral/mental health agencies. 
How Can a Student Visit the School Counselor? 
A student can be referred to the school counselor several ways.
  • Teacher referral
  • Parent/Guardian referral
  • Administrator referral
  • Self-Referral- STOP in! If I’m not available students can leave me a note in my mailbox outside my door.


George Washington BOOST Team
The BOOST Team is our student intervention/pre-referral team at GW. If parents, teachers or administrators feel that a student is experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties, they can refer a student to the BOOST Team. The BOOST Team does not complete Special Education Evaluations, nor does a referral to the BOOST Team guarantee a Special Education Evaluation.
George Washington School is an approved therapeutic site for Human Services. Parents who complete intake through Human Services may be offered “school-based outpatient therapy.” The HSC therapist/liaison is also a member of our BOOST Team.

*A note concerning Confidentiality and the School Counselor*

According to state and local laws (P.L. 93-380) and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality, the relationship between the counselor and the student, parents or staff member is one of Privileged Communication. Its purpose is to protect the privacy of the child who enters into a counseling relationship with the school counselor.  Confidentiality will not be broken unless there is a clear and present danger to the student and/or to other persons.

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