Cyber Academy

NCASD has partnered with Edgenuity to provide students with a comprehensive curricula and high-quality instructional services. Edgenuity provides schools and districts an effective solution to the many challenges we face in keeping students engaged and determined to succeed. Because their innovative instructional models are based on your child’s unique needs and include multiple layers of instruction and support, partnering with Edgenuity is the most efficient way to ensure success by empowering your child to accomplish his/her academic goals.

NCASD Cyber Academy Brochure

State-Certified and Accredited Teachers – All of their expert teachers are PA state-certified and accredited, while their qualified Success Coaches and Concept Coaches provide additional support and effectively engage and mentor each student via live webinars, online chats, and e-mails.

Award-winning Curriculum – By partnering with Edgenuity, we can offer a broad course catalogue of nearly 200 engaging courses feature research-based, quality course instruction and material aligned to PA academic and PA core standards.

Powerful Tools for Students and Educator – To facilitate deep transfer of knowledge and skills, our program offers a robust suite of tools and interactive graphic organizers that help students organize and synthesize information, while real-time data and reporting tools enable administrators to track student progress and success.

If you are interested in enrolling in the NCASD K-12 Cyber Academy, please schedule a meeting with your building principal for additional information and application requirements. Thank you!

Ms. Donrae D’Ambrosi
District Cyber Facilitator
Phone: 724.656.4765

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