Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) for English Language Learners (ELL)

To access the New Castle Area School District’s Language Instruction Educational Program Plan in its entirety, please click Here


English Language Learners (ELL) Overview

The English Language Development Program in the New Castle Area School District currently supports over 90 students in grades K-12.  The New Castle Area School District Language Instruction Educational Program plan provides a rich learning environment that is student-centered, developmentally appropriate, research-based, and designed to:

  • Facilitate English language acquisition through communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Ensure an effective and meaningful participation in grade level/content area classroom instruction
  • Facilitate effective communication between the school and home of EL students
  • Provide opportunities for community involvement which will involve a full range of activities
  • Foster educational experiences that prepare students to be career and college ready
  • Provide individualized student-centered learning environments

The New Castle Area School District currently employs four ESL teachers  to support students in the district.  One teacher is housed in each of the following buildings: Harry W. Lockley Primary Center, George Washington Intermediate School, New Castle Junior & Senior High Schools.  Additionally, the district has employed (5) Spanish speaking interpreters to assist the students and their families with translation and interpretation support.  The district does utilize the following resources to communicate with students, parents, and community members:

  • Language Line Solutions
  • Google classroom/Google Translate features
  • Remind Application

The ELL department analyzes date from the following assessments: WIDA, PSSA, Keystones, CDT, SRI, DIBELS, & MobyMax

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