The New Castle Area School District supports the use of technology in the District’s instructional and operational programs in order to support and enhance learning, teaching, and daily operations through interpersonal communications and access to information, research, and collaboration.

The District provides students, staff, and other authorized individuals with access to the District’s computers, electronic communication systems, and network, which includes Internet access, whether wired or wireless, or by any other means. For instructional purposes, the use of network facilities shall be consistent with the curriculum adopted by the New Castle Area School District as well as the varied instructional needs, learning styles, abilities, and developmental levels of students.

Moving forward, the District will utilize existing and emerging technologies to provide the following: enhanced educational opportunities that support 21st Century teaching and learning, improved communication, easy access to information, optimized administrative and building-level operations.


We have a wide-area-network running at gigabit speeds over fiber optic cable which connects our four buildings in a metro area. The wide area network allows services to be centrally located and shared consistently with all end users. Of our four buildings, three have building-wide wireless networks.


We use a mixture of physical and virtual servers. As time permits, our physical servers are being migrated into our virtual environments which are based on VMware and ProxMox running on Intel Modular Servers.

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