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Bee Bots, and Code-a-pillar, and iPads - Oh My!

Using the directional buttons on the top of the Bee Bot, students must program or code the robot’s path on the mat from Point A to Point B. Once they press GO, students can then follow the Bee Bot on the course they’ve programmed, watching to see if its lights and sounds and the end of the path confirm a successful or unsuccessful journey. Code-a-pillar is another motorized learning tool, which requires students to connect or configure its directional body segments correctly to arrive at the desired target/destination. If they did not successfully program the Bee Bot or Code-a-pillar to arrive at the selected destination/target, students must then try to figure out where they went wrong and try again! Code-a-pillar even has an iPad app, which students use to engage in similar animated simulations.

Both Bee Bots and Code-a-pillar can be used across the curriculum as fun and engaging early learning tools, and the students at Lockley Early Learning Center are certainly enjoying these new additions to their classroom!

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